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The Awakening Garden is the perfect retreat for getaways! Stay in two Cabins and enjoy communal spaces in Saugerties NY. A Yurt with a Bath House, A Buddha Hut and a Buddha Tipi are also available on a dead end street in Palenville, 4 miles north of Awakening Garden.

Awakening Garden is tucked in between the Hudson River (8 miles to the East) and the Catskill Mountains (10 miles to the west). It is just 6 miles from the Village of Saugerties and 14 miles to Woodstock, NY. The Garden is comprised of 98 acres of rolling land (most of it in a forestry protection plan) bordered on the west by acres of marshland. Many trails criss-cross the Garden and lead one to pretty or interesting vistas including a large mountain laurel patch, ancient graveyard, and different stands of mixed wood forests. There’s lots of wildlife both on land and in the marshes. The Awakening Garden is only 2 hours from the City and is a good place for an easy getaway. Palenville is approximately 4 miles north.

At the entrance to this property there’s a huge rock carved with two Chinese characters: pronounced shin yuan meaning "the Awakening Garden". This also happens to be my mother’s name. May this preserve welcome many, many people from the maddening crowds and allow them to explore the woods, connect with some loved ones, enjoy some quietude and maybe, to be still.


Catskill Cabin Retreats in Upstate New York


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Car service and guided hiking tours are available for a fee.

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